White Collar Crime


Knowledgeable and Experienced White Collar Crime Representation

White Collar CrimeAt the law firm of Sean F. Leslie, Attorney at Law, the criminal lawyers understand the sophisticated aspects of “White Collar” crimes. White collar crimes are not the standard violent assault or robbery “thug” types of cases. Often, the victims of white collar crimes have never even met the alleged perpetrator(s). Typically, white collar crimes are committed by educated professionals and or successful businessmen or politicians.

In the current economy, many local, state and federal law enforcement agencies are sharing resources to focus on white collar crimes investigations including embezzlement, banking, insurance, real estate and mortgage fraud, just to name a few. The media has also jumped on the band wagon in reporting on arrests and convictions in white collar crime cases!

The criminal defense attorneys in my law firm are current in the knowledge and understanding of white collar crimes to conduct a proper and thorough investigation to effectively defend all aspects of mortgage fraud, real estate fraud, banking fraud, credit card fraud, embezzlement and other White Collar indiscretions. In addition, we work hand in hand with experts in the field, if necessary! I am licensed to practice law in both the State and Federal (South & Central Districts) courts.

Punishment for white collar crime convictions vary depending on how many people or businesses were affected, the amount money or assets taken and whether restitution can be paid. The more people affected and the higher amount taken usually increases the penalty!

Call my Law Firm to speak with a knowledgeable white collar crime criminal Lawyer not a paralegal or case manager.

Please feel free to contact my firm and talk with an experienced criminal lawyer with any white collar crime related questions that you may have. I take personal responsibility in my firm’s “commitment to excellence” in obtaining a favorable result on your white collar case whether it’s in San Diego County or elsewhere. Once again, thank you for consulting with a criminal defense attorney in my law firm for your legal representation.