Gang Crimes


Aggressive & Experienced Gang Crime Representation

HandgunThe criminal defense attorneys at the law firm of Sean F. Leslie have represented numerous clients in gang crime cases. Gang crimes in San Diego County are on the rise and law enforcement agencies are cracking down on gangs. Unfortunately, many innocent teenagers and young adults get falsely accused of being involved in gangs even when they are not a documented gang member or affiliate.

Political pressure has resulted in extremely harsh penalties in any gang related crimes. Be careful! If your criminal charge can be affiliated with gang activity, then you will face severe criminal penalties including a potential long prison term.

The police and other agencies have the belief that the end justifies the means when dealing with gang investigations and your constitutional rights get shoved aside. Don’t let that happen! Protect your rights and hire my law firm. Gang enhancement penalties are draconian! The prosecutor can allege for the benefit of the gang enhancements to most charges including theft, drug sales, battery, burglary, robbery or pimping! Gang enhancements make your case much more serious and the outcome much more severe including gang registration and residency and association exclusions.

I have handled many gang cases successfully for my clients. In the last 19 years, I have learned to adapt to the changes in the legal climate of San Diego especially as it relates to gang representation. Rely on my firm to handle your gang case.

Call my Law Firm to speak with a criminal Lawyer not a paralegal or case manager.

Please feel free to contact my firm and talk with an experienced criminal defense attorney with any gang related questions that you may have. I take personal responsibility in my firm’s “commitment to excellence” in obtaining a favorable result on your gang case whether it’s in San Diego, Vista, Carlsbad, Oceanside or elsewhere . I look forward to hearing from and meeting you soon.

Once again, thank you for consulting with a criminal lawyer in my law firm for your legal representation.