Probation Violations


Knowledgeable and experienced probation violation representation

At my firm, the experienced criminal defense attorneys handle both misdemeanor and felony violation of probation cases. Most persons are placed on either formal or informal probation when they plead guilty or are convicted of a crime. The period of probation usually is a term of three or five years unless you have your probation terminated early.

The court imposes terms and conditions of probation that may include custody, work projects, community service, fine and fees, counseling and treatment programs, drug testing, and most importantly to remain law abiding.

If the client does not do what he or she is supposed to do (complete a drug program) or does something he or she is not supposed to do (drives without a license) then the court or the probation officer can file an order to show cause that the probation has been summarily revoked. In most cases, the client picks up a new case and we work out an agreement on both the new criminal case along with the probation case.

You are entitled to have a formal hearing on the probation violation allegation. The criminal attorneys in my firm understand your rights to a formal hearing prior to the court being able to formally find that you violated your probation. Similar to a new case, we negotiate a favorable settlement if we can to admit the violation and reinstate the probation on the same terms and conditions without any further penalties. Otherwise, we have a full hearing cross examining the allegations and witnesses and putting on our own case to show why there was no violation.

Call my Law Firm to speak with a criminal Lawyer not a paralegal or case manager.

Again, please feel free to contact my firm and talk with an experienced criminal defense attorney with any violation of probation questions that you may have. I take personal responsibility in my firm’s “commitment to excellence” in obtaining a favorable result on your probation violation case whether it’s in San Diego County or elsewhere . I look forward to hearing from and meeting you soon. Once again, thank you for consulting with a criminal lawyer in my law firm for your legal representation.