DUI Court Penalties


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In San Diego County the four Judicial Branches are located in San Diego, Chula Vista, El Cajon and Vista. The location of your arrest will determine what jurisdiction your case will be prosecuted. The DUI court penalties in these court houses are based upon numerous and diverse factors.

The State legislature has mandated mandatory minimum penalties for DUI cases within the State of California and depending if the prosecutor has alleged any aggravating enhancements your individual penalty could vary from the minimum standard sentence to the maximum sentence.

The minimum sentence for a first time DUI conviction is 3-5 years of informal court summary probation; 12 week alcohol program (FCP); MADD impact program; 2 days jail; $2000 dollar fine; and not to drive without a drivers' license or auto insurance.

The maximum sentence for a first time DUI conviction is one year in jail and or a fine totaling with penalty assessments about $3,500.00. Sentencing enhancements may include whether you have prior convictions, were driving recklessly, were involved in an accident,caused bodily injuries, high speed, high blood alcohol content and the presence of children in your car at the time of arrest.

Additional penalties for these sentence enhancements will most likely include jail custody, Work furlough, Public Work Service (PWS), community service, ignition interlock device, car impoundment unless you hire an experienced and effective San Diego DUI lawyer to negotiate them away! That's where my firm comes in! Obviously, we fight for a dismissal first or suppression of evidence, charge reduction (Wet/Dry Reckless) and then sentence reduction.

DUI Court Sentencing Guidelines for the San Diego County courthouses

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