DUI Enhancements


Knowledgeable & Experienced DUI Enhancement Representation

At the law firm of Sean F. Leslie my experienced DUI attorneys are well versed in the DUI law and the sentencing enhancements that may be alleged in your DUI case. These sentencing enhancements increase the penalties for those who admit them and plead guilty to a DUI charge.

A solid and educated DUI attorney can help you navigate around these draconian California Vehicle Code (CVC) sentencing enhancements and negotiate them away! Sentencing DUI enhancements may include prior DUI convictions (CVC 23580), reckless driving or high speed (CVC 23582), excessive or high BAC content (CVC 23578), refusal allegation (CVC23577), caused bodily injury (CVC 23558), or that you had minor children present in your car when arrested (Vehicle Code section 23572).

You must contact my firm immediately if any of these sentencing enhancements apply in your DUI case. We must carefully examine all aspects of your DUI case including whether the police procedures were properly followed. Often DUI charges and sentencing enhancements are alleged against responsible persons who had little to drink but may have been driving over the speed limit or had their 13 year old child in the back seat.

Contact my Law Firm to speak with a San Diego DUI attorney not a paralegal or case manager.

For a free consultation with an experienced and effective San Diego DUI lawyer, please contact my firm via email or telephone call. My firm has offices in both Carlsbad and San Diego, but we handle DUI cases in all courts in San Diego County-San Diego, Vista, El Cajon & Chula Vista.