DUI Priors


Knowledgeable & Effective DUI Prior Conviction Representation

The experienced San Diego DUI attorneys at the Law Firm of Sean F. Leslie have successfully handled hundreds of DUI cases many of which have prior DUI convictions alleged. The courts in San Diego County take DUI cases very seriously and the Judges are extremely harsh on defendants who have DUI prior convictions!

If you have a prior DUI conviction in the last ten (10) years and you pick up a new DUI arrest and case, call my firm immediately! Not only will the DMV attempt to suspend your driving privilege for at least one year, the court will impose harsh penalties including mandatory jail time!

Fortunately, DUI convictions can only be used as a prior if the conviction was within the last ten years. Even if you have three prior convictions but they all are over ten years old, they cannot be use to enhance your current DUI case. In addition, even if a prior conviction is within the last ten years, my firm may be able to persuade the District Attorneys' Office or the Court to "strike" the prior allegation based on statutory and constitutional legal grounds.

The prosecution has the burden to prove through certified documentation that the prior conviction is actually your prior conviction. Also, a motion to strike the prior allegation can be filed by your DUI defense attorney attacking the prior conviction on statutory and Constitutional authority. A solid defense and educated DUI attorney can make the difference between admitting a prior DUI conviction or having the conviction stricken from the misdemeanor or felony complaint.

Call my Law Firm to speak with a San Diego DUI attorney not a paralegal or case manager.

For a free consultation with an experienced and effective San Diego DUI lawyer, please contact my firm via email or telephone call. My firm has offices in both Carlsbad and San Diego, but we handle DUI cases in all courts in San Diego County-San Diego, Vista, El Cajon & Chula Vista.