People’s Rights

Constitution and gavelThe United States and California Constitutions provide all persons [We the People] with protections against overbearing government officials and or unreasonable enforcement of police authority. All persons including alleged criminal defendants shall be free from unreasonable searches and seizures of their person, papers and affects. Your rights include a criminal defense attorney appointed to you if you can not afford one at the critical stages of a criminal investigation or prosecution. If you are not indigent, however, and can afford a criminal defense attorney, the court will not appoint one to represent you in your criminal case.

You also have what I call trial rights. This includes the right to a public and speedy jury trial where your criminal defense lawyer has the right to confront and cross examine all witnesses that testify against you; the right to remain silent [against self-incrimination] which means the prosecutor can not call you as a witness against yourself; the right to produce evidence and witnesses using the subpoena power of the court; and the right to hire a criminal defense lawyer of your choice!

Furthermore, if you are suspected of committing a crime or are under investigation for a crime, you have the right to remain silent [not to provide a statement] and you definitely do not have to participate or cooperate with law enforcement. Please see my “Invocation of Rights” form and feel free to print, sign and hand the form to an investigating officer. Then consult my office immediately!

United States Constitution

California Constitution

Please contact my firm to talk directly to an experienced criminal defense lawyer who can help protect you against a criminal investigation in which you are a suspect and aggressively protect your interests and constitutional rights.