Juvenile Delinquency Court, California Legal Resources

The San Diego Juvenile Court is located centrally in San Diego County near Rady’s Children’s Hospital. The juvenile court is responsible for adjudicating the majority of matters involving minors, including dependency matters and delinquency cases.

The San Diego County District Attorneys' Office maintains an office inside the Juvenile Courthouse on the second floor and the San Diego County Probation Department also maintains an office at the location. In addition, juvenile hall is located adjacent to the courthouse.

Thousands of traffic, infraction, and criminal cases (felony & misdemeanor) are handled at the Juvenile courthouse each year. These crimes include everything from minor offenses such as truancy, minor in possession alcohol or drugs, drunk driving (DUI), to more serious cases such as assault and battery, robbery, and gang crimes. For a complete list of the crimes that my law firm defends at the Juvenile courthouse please go to my Practice Areas page.

The law firm of Sean F. Leslie, Attorney at Law competently defends people charged with all types of crimes at the Juvenile courthouse. My firm operates exclusively as a criminal defense and DUI law firm handling only criminal, dui, juvenile delinquency, and restraining order cases. Criminal law in California, especially San Diego County, has become such a specialized practice and we feel to best serve our clients was and is to limit my firm's practice to these fields of law.

My firm locations are centrally located in San Diego County and are easily accessible to all persons living in San Diego County.

Please call my Law Firm to speak with a criminal defense juvenile delinquency attorney not a paralegal or case manager.

For a free consultation with an experienced and effective juvenile delinquency criminal lawyer, please contact my firm via email or telephone. Once again, thank you for consulting with my firm.